To best support your child's optimum learning at ISM, we have developed requirements for both hardware and software for the BYOD program. For your reference, the ISM iCampus Apple Store* price list is available here.

ISM reserves the right to modify these specifications over time.

Students are expected to maintain a fully functioning laptop at all times and come to school with them fully charged. Computers that are physically damaged (cracked screens, keyboards missing keys, trackpads not functioning, etc), should be promptly repaired so as to minimize down-time for students. Determination of the functionality of the device is subject to the discretion of the IT Dept.

*Please note that iCampus is an independent reseller and is not affiliated nor supported by ISM.

iCampus can be contacted at:


Device Type


Operating System

Minimum Screen Size



Hard Drive


Battery Life



Laptop Computer

Mac / Windows PC (Note: In Grade 7 & 8 - Chromebooks are also permitted)

Mac OSX 10.10 or higher*

Windows 7 or higher (English Version Required)

11 inches (13" and larger recommended)

Intel i3 or faster recommended

2 GB (4 GB or more highly recommended)

120 GB or larger

802.11n or higher (No B or G devices)

4+ Hours

Strongly recommend 3 year warranty (Apple Care if Mac)

*We strongly recommend refraining from updating Mac operating systems during the initial release phase. However, PC operating systems should be updated when made available. Often the first releases are less stable and may cause conflicts with our network, essential software, and the hardware. It's best to wait until sufficient updates are released to rectify any potential issues. While the ISM IT Department strives to assist students and support issues that may occur with software, hardware, and connectivity, there are at times, problems that may be beyond the scope of our IT Department's support.


We recommend the following software to be installed in order to provide continuity amongst subject areas:

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) are provided to students by ISM

Internet Browsers

We require a minimum of two different web browsers to be installed for ideal compatibility. We recommend that you install the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.

Video / Multimedia

Image Editing Tools