Frequently Asked Questions

This will be an ongoing resource for addressing specific questions and concerns.

Can students bring an iPad or tablet device instead of a laptop?

iPads and tablets are fantastic for many uses. However, in order to best accommodate the various needs our diverse subjects require, laptops allow students to work more efficiently and with maximum compatibility. Students are required to bring a laptop to school, but may supplement them with tablet devices / iPads.

What type of laptop should students bring?

Please see the Requirements section. The specifications were carefully considered to provide students with computers which support our diverse curricular needs, with the ability to handle the creation and editing of multimedia, access to a fast wireless connection, and battery life sufficient to make it through as much of the school day as possible. If you have further questions please contact our IT Dept.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and updates of these devices?

All maintenance for the hardware device, operating system, software and/or apps purchased by the family are the responsibility of the family. Please plan on a prompt turn-around time for any service or repair work to minimize the impact on the students.

How can students help protect their laptops from damage?

It is recommended that students utilize a protective "sleeve" to help protect against minor bumps and scratches while transporting them in their bags. To protect the laptop even more, a laptop case may be used. These are often plastic shells that fit over the laptop and remain in place.

Another common form of damage comes from the spillage of beverages onto keyboards - this generally results in quite expensive damage and can be easily avoided with care.

Is it better to get an Apple laptop or PC laptops like Sony or Toshiba?

Either laptop will work with our system. While most students do opt for Mac computers and as IT Education specialists, we see Mac as the best for the "learning environment" due to ease of use and functionality, we recommend talking with your child and taking their wishes into consideration. If they strongly advocate for a PC, then they will likely be more invested in learning the functions of the machine and thereby be more comfortable with it.

If i get a Macbook should i get the Pro or the Air?

Either a Pro or Air is appropriate for the BYOD program. If your child is enrolled in film classes or other classes that require heavy processing a Pro may be a better choice. However is not necessary as these classes have lab computers students can access. For the school usage the computer will get, portability and cost, the Macbook Air is the preferred choice.

How does one distinguish whether a device is 802.11g or higher?

If you are buying a new computer, this will not be a problem as all devices are now sold with this specification. The salesperson can confirm this. If you have an existing device you can go to the system preferences and check the software specifications. Unless the device is over 3 years old it is almost certain to have this specification.

Should I wait for the newest line of MacBook Pro's to come out?

It is always good to get the latest version available so as to preserve the longevity of the device. This being said there will always be a new version coming out every 6-12 months so it is impossible to stay at the newest version for long. Our recommendation is to buy the latest version available at the time given that all students must have a workable computer on day one of the school year August 12. However if you are waiting to purchase a new computer and have a workable computer that can act as a holdover for a month or so information on when to buy new mac products is available here:

Since the Air was just updated and I am looking at the Macbook Pro's should I wait for them to be updated

It is hard to know when new products will be updated as Apple doesn't publish the information. The link above can provide the best information available but it is still based on rumors and insiders information and not to be used as a hard and fast guide. From what we understand it could be 6 months before the new Pro's come out so it is advisable to get the computer now as students ideally would use the same computer throughout their HS years and become comfortable with it.

Do you need a CD Drive in your laptop

You do not need a CD Drive in the laptop. Most software can now be installed via the internet or USB. ISM also has plug in CD drives that can be used on campus to install software via the IT department. If you would like a drive they are usually $100 at Mac or PC stores.

Will the school install Microsoft office in the laptop which I have purchased for my child?

Due to changes in policy from Microsoft (2013) the school is no longer able to provide the Office Suite. As such it will need to be personally purchased and installed on the laptop. This is the only software that requires purchase in the ISM BYOD program.

What are the hours that the iCampus store will be open?

iCampus store is open from 7:00 am to 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays. However, If students, parents and faculty want to transact on Saturdays they can visit our head office at 4th Flr. First Life Center 174 Salcedo St. Legaspi Village, Makati and open from 8:30am to 12:30PM.

When ordering from iCampus do you get your device immediately after paying?

If the model you'd like is in stock you should be able to obtain the device immediately. However, if you have any special requests such as a larger hard drive, more RAM, etc, you may need to place a special order. In that event, it may take many weeks to get the order in, so it's advisable to strive to plan ahead. You can contact iCampus directly at: