Transitioning from ISM

Google Takeout for Students

To help support students who are transitioning to a new school from ISM, we have developed the following steps to help ease the move.

Access to ISM Google accounts will be turned off 3 months after a student leaves ISM. This allows time for students to backup and save their information as they transition to a new school. Backing up is done with Google Takeout.

Step 1:

Go to You will be taken to the "ARCHIVES" page

Step 2:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "NEXT".

Note: It is recommend that you leave all of the items selected.

Step 3:

On the next page, leave all the settings the as the default. Click 'CREATE ARCHIVE'.

Step 4:

When you're ARCHIVE is ready you'll get an email with a download link.

Note: Be sure to download the archive onto a personal device.